The Most Powerful Portables on the Planet

Why Choose Us?

Capturing real-time data is a common obstacle that network professionals face. You need a portable solution that you can set and deploy on the field. You also need massive storage and high-speed write performance. While laptops are portable, they lack the necessary power and resources to perform the tasks.

ACME TM Systems specializes in building the most powerful portable workstations for test and measurement applications. We build rugged, portable solutions that solve all these problems. As a result, there are a number of reasons why ACME is an industry leader in the rugged portable computer market.

High Quality, High Performance

  • Our products are used as high performance 20G/40G network capture platform for carriers (carriers being telecom companies)
  • They are also a standard 1G/10G Network capture platform for enterprise customers
  • They support high speed 12Gb/s RAID card and media for fastest data sequential write performance
  • Each product supports swappable HDD/SDD for massive storage and easy transfer, upgrade, and maintenance
  • Each portable has a rugged build and is tested to sustain shock, vibration, and transit drops
  • Our platforms support S.M.A.R.T. monitoring utility programs
  • They support AC-DC dual inputs

Our Philosophy


At ACME TM System, we believe in innovation. During the past 19 years, our portable computers have gone through numerous developments improvements. As technology develops, we do as well.


We believe in reliability. We strive towards providing high quality products that our users can use without any problems. We want everyone to see ACME as being synonymous with reliability.


With over 20 years of experience and success behind us, we pride ourselves in being dedicated to our customers. We build relationships and partnerships. We want you to find the perfect product.

The Goal

Simply put, our goal is to be the best in the business. We want to establish excellent customer relationships and provide excellent products while pushing the limits of technology.

The Most Powerful Portables on the Planet